Wire Jewelry With Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Gemstone Pendants

“Wire Jewelry” with gold filled and sterling silver; . cameos and faceted stones . . . . and earrings custom . Fashion Jewelry uniquely designed fo

Wire Jewelry With Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Gemstone Pendants

“Wire Jewelry” with gold filled and sterling silver; cabochons, cameos and faceted stones including bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings custom handcrafted. Fashion Jewelry uniquely designed for that one-of-a-kind look, durability and satisfaction Intricate wire sculptured designs in existing contemporary, vintage or traditional styles. graceful and intriguing for that continuing notion Each piece is carefully put together in my home to essentuate your amount and fashion No Mass Produced Machine-Made Jewelry only beautiful pieces you won’t find anywhere else. or see on anyone else

Sculpted Wire Jewelry-Glass Dichroic Pendants

Shop from home for the most pandemic and affordable passage of captivating unique wire sculpted designs to retain or give.

14K Gold or Sterling Silver;Birthstone, cameo, Cabochon, Dichroic or Gemstone Pendants sculpted for that one-of-a-kind look that suits you and your wardrobe perfectly Nobody else leave posses anything like it!

Handcrafted Jewelry designed using Cameos, Glass Dichroics, Faceted Gemstone, Osmena Pearl, Turquoise, Onyx, Birthstones and many fresh proficient stones Choose from Wire Jewelry sculptured into beautiful faceted gemstone pendants, Cameo pendants, Dichroic glass pendants, Birthstone necklaces, earrings and manacles all navvy sculpted in 14k gold filled and Sterling Silver.

Whether your relish is traditional, contemporary, vintage, antique or high-fashion you posses arrived at an art gallery that’s as distinctive and unique as you are.Search the complete register of handcrafted designer creations for that special “one of a kind” art that your friends and issue will love

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Gemstone And Cameos

The designs you see has been conceived and executed with aesthetic ideas created into dazzling reality with timeless symmetry and enduring value Gold Jewelry lovers or Sterling Silver; all designs are artistically labourer sculptured designed afafir of art.

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