Gold Coins And Silver Coins: The Ideal Gifting Option

Gold and silver are precious metals, which are considered propitious as well. So, it is quite natural to talent the bride or the groom article in gold and silver In fact, the North Indian tradition demands that the in-laws top flair to the daughter-in-law is gold gems

Gold Coins And Silver Coins: The Ideal Gifting Option

Gold Coins And Silver Coins: The Ideal Gifting Option

Such is the weight of gold coins and silver coins in our custom and tradition which folks commune to jewellers on the situation of Dhanteras and Akshaya Tritiya to buy gold. Those who are fragmentary by converse constraints own an option to buy gold coins.

Excellent Gifting Option

Gold coins and silver coinsare melodious gifting options for people as well as corporates

For Individuals

You can ability a gold coin/silver coin for your close family/friends wedding. The gold and silver coins are available in assorted weights, from as less as 2 g to as much as 500g So, whatever be the occasion, you can buy one such gold or silver coin as a facility You can buy the Taraash Ganesha S999 20g Silver Coin for your neighbours daughters wedding. For your nephew or cousins wedding, the Bangalore Refinery Ganesh 24K 5g Yellow Gold Coin would be an prototype choice

Gold is a preferred investment appliance as well You can invest your funds in gold coins, weights ranging over 500g and secure it exchanged second to buy jewellery of your choice.

For Corporates

Gifting gold or silver coins to its employees and clients is an age-old means in the Indian corporate globe In fact, many civic partial companies commemorated their milestones with embossed silver coins and gifted to the employees Many employees, on their retirement, are gifted precious coins as a image of appreciation. As a corporate gifting option, gold and silver coins are quite popular. With Diwali circle the corner, corporates can calling pudginess orders with MMTC India or choose to buy from reputed jewellers like Tanishq, Joyalukkas, Bangalore Refinery, to name a few

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How To Choose Gold/Silver Coins

Now that you retain pronounced to ability gold or silver coin, you scarcity to be aware of certain aspects before buying these coins. You can either buy the gold and silver coins from any reputed jeweller or choose to buy online Buying gold and silver coins online does not pose any pledge are these are certified sellers, who peddle hallmarked coins only Youre guaranteed of quality.

Choice Of material

You can either buy coins in gold or yellow gold Gold coins are made of legitimate 24K gold, whereas the yellow gold coins are made of 22K gold Higher the purity of gold, correspondingly higher would be the price. If you deficiency to buy a 24K gold coin, you own options The Bangalore Refinery 10g coin, the MMTC-PAMP Lotus series 2g coin, the Malabar Gold 045g coin are feasible choices, based on your budget If yellow gold is your preferred choice, you can choose the Joy Alukkas 4g coin, with the Goddess Lakshmi ornament C Krishnaiah Chetty ornately designed 8g yellow gold coin is besides an meritorious choice

When it comes to buying silver coins, you can choose coins in TRUE 999 silver or sterling silver The Taraash 5g silver coin with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh is an paragon gifting for a housewarming time The MMTCs Krishna series silver coin makes an prototype facility choice as well The wildlife and birds series of silver coins released by MMTC are nonpareil birthday gifts for your kids


When it comes to buying precious metals, what matters most is the purity While the purest den of gold is 24K that enjoys 999 BIS Hallmark, you further gain coins in 22K and 18K. Higher the purity of gold contained in the coin, greater would be its price

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Silver too has mixed grades of purity While authentic silver is tagged with S9999, sterling silver coins are tagged with S995 or S996. These tags backing you distinguish the purity of the coin. With online shopping hitting a peak, kinsfolk are buying gold and silver coins online from reputed dealers who take the BIS certification


The charge of gold and silver coins varies between dealers This is because of the spread. The scale of spread, in appendix to being influenced by demand and supply, besides depends on the bullion dealer as well So, after you decide whether you deficiency to buy gold coins or silver coins and its weight, choose a reputed and trustworthy bullion dealer.

If youre exploration for a nuptial gift, gold and silver coins class well ahead in the list. Gift one and make the time auspicious

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