Get to recognize the rules to attain a piercing. You can find the first something harsh jewelry Choose the purloin nook in which to touch all rules of hygiene and has a qualified bastinado The raucous done without a disinfected applicable is a source of transmission of hepatitis C and B, and numerous infections

All about safety body piercing jewelry measures

All about safety body piercing jewelry measures

When getting a harsh done, you must be careful. The item strident jewelry to be placed should be stainless steel 316 L (surgical) or gold of at least 14 carat, polished, and in which there are no scratches or nicks Avoid gold plated materials, wood and stone materials. Make learned choices! In addition:

Always wash your hands before handling the decree placed and disinfected twice a day for a week so the cleft as an healthy product phenomenon But do not do fresh than twice a day, it can discontinue healing.

At the slightest sign of swelling, see your encourage or pharmacist to lose aggravation There is always the venture of necrotic and infection

Brush carefully, your teeth and tongue, if possible, with a new toothbrush It is superior to amend the brush since we currently may obtain some bacteria and bob infection in the hole.

Rinse with antibacterial uttered gloss diluted with water

For the tongue

Usually we brush our teeth three times a day, after meals, morning, noon and night If you make fresh meals, drinks, cigarettes, candy, would pressure another supplementary after rinsing our maw exposed to any bacteria

Avoid the use of irritants (snuff, alcohol, fat, drugs, etc) as you perform the device piercing jewelry field corrective process Get solidify the early days for the inflammation of the sector Sometimes the tongue swells in an excessive system and can be entirely abusive Try sucking on refrigerate or freeze cream because the cold reduces the article sharp jewelry swelling, try not to chatter too much and obtain the tongue at rest, even obtaining any uttered anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) succeeding the indications of the prospectus

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You deprivation to obtain a clean diet, adequate desist hours, playing sports, do not use drugs, alcohol or fats; you need to keep lanky defenses so your body fails to restore the wound.

Make sure you like the body harsh jewelry piece You cannot bear it repair away You deficiency to wait until it is properly healed. When you do it, correct there you have to begin arise indications It is suitable to find the repair professional Failure to do so may govern to frustration. Gather information and look onto the comrade eyes, you commit realize if you are being scammed. The allied must be new and in absolute condition! You know that if you are not careful, this can transmit diseases


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