Wallace Chan–Dedicated his full life to jewelry making

On 12th ,Jan,2013,BAZAAR JEWELRY banquet and annual senior jewelry ornament Awards was hold in Park Hyatt Hotel By China’s only international senior jewelry system diary – “ba Sally jewelry” daybook launched and organized.

Wallace Chan–Dedicated his whole life to jewelry making

Wallace Chan--Dedicated his whole life to jewelry making

As the year’s annual peak jewelry celebration in China,BAZAAR JEWELRY banquet and annual senior jewelry marking Awards is the top and only senior jewelry Oscar in China,its prizes are highly-focused in the industry

The ceremony is climaxes,of which one of the two high-profile personal awards–“Annual contemporary jewelry artist”,it was obtained by Wallace Chan ,the Chinese jewelry actor who is celebrated in the worldReceived the recognition,Wallace Chan was excited about it,he said,”i am mirthful and exciting that this prize is awarded to Chinese by Chinese,that routine China’s ideas for jewelry and art has begun to vegetate and it’s the biggest encouragement to me”When talking about jewelry,he gave it mouth,”Jewelry is the diamont,creativity,craft,the crystal that we pursuit day and nightso it is a kind of smriti,memory,culture and loveEverytime when i see the diamont hasn’t been polished,i commit put the diamon in my hand,communicating with it in heart,imaging the procees it polishs,i bequeath feel jocund from the heart.So,i entrust soft my absolute life to the jewelry Finding to make the system fresh beautiful”

With the coming of Wallace Chan,he further has fulfilled the promis with Jingjing,the “ba Sally jewelry” magazine’s employer publisher and editorThey appointed that they entrust carry the jewelry which structure for the Chinese’s pride to Beijing,let the kin who feelings jewelry see them Wallace Chan was relieved to “ba Sally jewelry”magazine that jewelry art can boost in China

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Wallace Chan studied ivory carving with his schoolmaster in his childhood,after 9 months,he was appointed to do the carve by the guestsThen he began to examine crytal caving,at the year when he was 17,he met the first piece of malachite in his life.From now on,he began his jewelry creation

Imaging the working enviroument of Wallace Chan’s,in land-scarce Hong Kong,this actor hiding in the depths of a high-rise building,doing his jewelry universe he spends his most circumstance in work shop,choosing jewelry and designing,rarely visit out.It is a intrersting contrast to the rangy beat beat in Hong Kong The pepple who follows him ,just can buy his mill on auction or jewelry fair

About the lighting jewelry engraving art of Wallace ChanHe said,”Lighting is the most precious in the world,who dont understand how to use lighting on art and engrave,then he has no improve to be a designer or artist”Most of his products retain put the decorate to use,such as Wallace Cut,New Heart .


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