What did your Diamond Engagement Ring Used to Mean?

Thinking of a diamond duty ring? Here are some of the myths and superstitions that posses wanting circulated around this impenetrable and unique ring.

What did your Diamond Engagement Ring Used to Mean?

What did your Diamond Engagement Ring Used to Mean?

Diamonds keep been haunting nation with their prettiness for thousands of years, and the worship bestowed on these precious stones has led to age-old superstitions about its otherworldly grace The interval diamond originally comes from the Greek expression adamas, which meant unalterable and invincible This described any particularly hard mineral or related in Ancient Greece but seems particularly pilfer for the diamond as the hardest gemstone.

While your diamond chore globe might posses got its spell in Ancient Greece, the data of diamonds starts even earlier It is suspected that the earliest diamonds recognized to individual were discovered some three thousand years ago in India, in the Golconda sash of Deccan Since then, diamonds hold become embedded in the core of India, with Hindus believing that diamonds were created when lightning bolts struck rocks They even placed diamonds in the eyes of their great statues It is said that the Indian deity Krishna gave his emotions Radha a goodly diamond believed by some to be the stunning Koh-i-Noor to reflect her loveliness as it shone in the moonlight. Thus we hold the best associations of diamonds with love

However, the old Greeks and Romans believed diamonds were the tears of the gods, splinters from falling stars and even slivers of moonlight Diamonds were further once again linked to the impression of immortal love, as it was widely believed that Cupids arrows were tipped with diamonds Can you reckon of a more romantic clue for your diamond mission ring? Plato, on the more hand, believed that diamonds were the purest slice of gold pithy into a glassy mass, as well as considering them to be living beings, embodying celestial spirits, which led to final ideas that diamonds were capable of mating and breeding.

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The awe-inspiring fastness and durability we carry for granted in a diamond occupation circle came to signify valour and virility, invincibility and advantage fortune, while its unearthly adorn was deemed to symbolise a higher power and holy illumination Thus, it is unsurprising that throughout saga diamonds have been enthralling kings and cardinals, princes and potentates, moguls and movie stars In Western Europe, during the early Middle Ages, diamonds were so in demand due to their rarity and supposed powers that sumptuary laws decreed they were only to be worn by kings and royalty

This lust for diamonds has continued into the 21st century, with a diamond job ball being the widespread numeral of affluence and eternal passion As the Roman parent and naturalist, Pliny the Elder, stated in the top century AD, the diamond is the rarest item on earth, with a greater value than any more human possession

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