With Hair Unlimited Natural Hair Extensions
Yes you can have: Longer Hair! Fuller Hair!

There are numerous benefits to extensions, the obvious benefit is added length.
However, they also can add fullness to fine hair, and with the wide assortment of colors available, can be used for highlighting purposes as well.
They are also great for people who don't have the patience to grow out a short hairstyle.
The art of hair extensions have come a long way, thanks to innovative new procedures that drastically reduce the time it takes to apply them.
Here at Hair Unlimited, we offer a variety of hair extension application methods to create a custom fit for your individual needs.


Clip On

These extensions have clips that are hand tied to the weft. We take measurements of the sides and back of your head thus giving you a custom fit! You can now clip them easily into your own hair and you can take them out yourself at the end of the day! This is a fast and economical approach.


A base is hand sewn along the scalp to form a track. Wefted human hair is attached to this track. One's own natural hair left out of the weave is styled to cover where the hair weave is attached for a very natural look.


In this technique, small sections of loose human hair are attached with the use of a special adhesive and a thermal gun. This forms a semi-permanent bond - hair to hair, no tracks to restrict movement.

Invisible Hair

These extensions are comprised of a fine "SKIN" base. Human hair has been fused to this base to duplicate naturally growing hair. This "SKIN" base will match the contour of your head and can be very undetectable and versatile.


"We will provide you with a free consultation to determine
which extension technique is best for your needs."

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We carry a full line of human hair extensions which can be applied at our store or purchased seperately.